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2nd Dec Semi-finals, here we come! ~DCU Volley Volleyball Club

What a day! Both Men's and Women's volleyball teams achieved a ground-shattering 3:0 victory over IT Carlow and advanced to the Semi-Finals!

The 30th of November was truly a day to remember. Loud cheers and the noise of the balls landing filled the gym in IT Carlow. It was a day full of emotions, comradery and euphoria. Our boys and girls have demonstrated an enormous level of determination through their game.

Many must wonder what is the secret that allowed both DCU teams to rob the bank that day.

"Before every volleyball match, we remind ourselves that the game consists of 50% morale and 50% technique."

      ~Roman U.

In their games against IT Carlow, DCU showed unwavering morale. Like an immovable wall, they came together to defeat their opponents. It was a sight that inspired and lit up hearts. 

As a team, everyone gave their all, producing an amazing outcome and promoting the name of DCU on the national arena. The period of preparation for the matches was very short and yet, the DCU Volleyball club bonded and quickly grew together to compete on the level of the Students League. 

The women's captain Lilyann shared her thoughts on this: 

"Winning the quarter-finals is one thing but watching our teams become a family is almost more rewarding."

~ Lilyann H.

The women's team fought with undeniable spirit, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. The highlights of the match were definitely the surprise back row attacks by Nadja, the outside hitter. No matter what, the team did not let the ball drop to the floor unless it was the opponents' court! 

When asked about the match day, the men's captain Sonny replied:

"I am more than proud of my team. They performed perfectly with each other and although the match began with a bit of a rocky start, we stayed strong both physically and mentally and came out on top. Our victory is truly a testament to the amount of trust we have in each other, a trust that could only be gained through hard work and training together. There's no better feeling than seeing our hard work pay off and I can't wait to see the fruits of our labour in the further rounds of the league."

~ Sonny YB.

That evening, it was possible to feel the tension in the gym. The air was charged with burning desire to go home victorious. Despite the pressure, the men's team did not crumble. They held each other up when facing the opponents from IT Carlow. The matches were a treat to spectators visiting. One supporter said this:

"It's very enjoyable to watch the DCU volleyball teams steadily improving with each game. During Tuesday's match, I've seen every player shine. Everyone's passion for volleyball and hard-work were clear on court. I'm sure the growth won't stop any time soon!"

~ Krzysztof B.

What are the thoughts of players about the evening?

"Felt great and exhilarated, and the food was okay."

~ Miguel F.

"My main thought about yesterday was that it felt great to focus and get real game time in a position I enjoy and even though I was kind of nervous and not warmed up at the start the whole team was incredibly supportive and got me to play better volleyball."

~ Gary R.

Now that the DCU Volleyball Club is through to the semi-final of the Student Sport Ireland Volleyball League, what awaits them?

More training and preparation for matches goes without saying. As other college teams are still battling for their way into semi-finals, the fixtures are yet to be released.

Keep a close eye on the DCU teams' Instagram for more upcoming news! If you want to watch the recordings of the games, they are there too.

@ dcu_volleyball

"Practice with Purpose, Play with Passion"

24th Nov Christmas Break Badminton Club

Hi all,

There is no badminton training on from Wed 24th November until semester 2. We should be back training on Jan 10th. :)

See you all in the new year!

8th Nov SKI TRIP SIGN UPS Snowsports Society


Hit this link to book the ski trip you will be directed to the nuco Website and will have to paty then.

7th Nov Extended Training Times Rock Climbing Club

?Extended Training Times and Capacity:

?Hi all,

From this week on, our capacity and training times have expanded! Our slots are now 1 hour long each and we can have more people in at each slot!

Tuesday training is from 5-8pm and Thursday training is from 5-10pm, both in the minor hall!

We have also reduced the number of beginner induction sessions. Great news for those of you who already had the induction. If you missed your chance for an induction and can't make the Thursday one, be sure to pop along to any of the other training sessions and let us know on sign in that you need an induction :)

7th Nov Connected Study Group Connected DCU Society

Our Connected Study Groups are running  on zoom every week on different days (and times) to help our members find time to study in their busy schedules. This semester we’ll be using the Pomodoro method followed by some time for chatting and getting to know new people. 

Have a look at the list below to find one that suits you! 

5th Nov IUAA Road Relays - Sat 13th Nov Athletics Club

IUAA Road Relays are the first Intervarsity championship of the 2021-22 season. We're looking to enter strong teams in both Men's and Women's races. See below for full format of the event and timetable of races. 

  • Date:  Saturday 13th November 2021
  • Venue:  South Campus, National University of Ireland - Maynooth.
  • Parking:  There is NO Parking on the South Campus. Clamping is in operation. Parking is available on the North Campus
  • Overview:  This is a one day Intervarsity Championship open to all members. The event is hosted by NUI-Maynooth Athletics Club in mid to late November every year. The trophies are presented at the post competition meal which is usually held in the Phoenix Restaurant, North Campus or Pugin Hall, South Campus. The women compete in a four leg relay over 1-2-2-1 miles, while the men compete in a five leg relay over 1-2-3-2-1 miles. Each college can enter multiple teams. The race is held in the old part of the campus and the course is on tree lined avenues surrounded by old buildings.


  • Women's Race:  12.45pm.   1-2-2-1 mile relay.
  • Men's Race:  1.45pm.   1-2-3-2-1 mile relay.
  • Captain's Meeting:  3.15pm.   Venue: TBC.

  • Presentation:  3.30pm.   The presentation of medals and the trophies


DCU Athletics will be supplying a bus departing from the DCU Nursing Building (Collin's Avenue Entraance @ 10:30am on Saturday 13th) This bus is free of charge to all members travlling. 


Food will be provided to all athletes who compete back on DCU Campus (time TBC) as there is no meal this year in Maynooth. 

Singlets/Crop Tops

Club singlets must be worn at this event. These are available from the track office (LG10B McNulty Building) or by emailing

5th Nov DCU Athletics New Kit - Joma x JF Sports Athletics Club

DCU Athletics is delighted to partner with Joma Sport who come on board as the clubs technical apparel sponsor. The sponsorship will see a brand new range of DCU Athletics clothing including a new updated and eye-catching bespoke DCU singlet/crop top. The partnership is also in conjunction with JF Sports who will host a DCU Athletics Club Shop where the new kit can be purchased. The range includes technical running t-shirts and shorts as well as casual hoodies, shorts and jackets. 

We look forward to working with Joma and JF Sport into the future and seeing all DCU Athletes competing at IUAA Intervarsity events and events outside of this wearing the new kit on campus, nationally and internationally. 

DCU Athletics Club Shop:  (Please note some items can take up to 14days for delivery). 

NOTE: New athletics club singlets/crop tops can only be purchased from the track office (LG10B McNulty Building Glasnevin Campus) and are not available online. These cost €35 each and must be worn when competing for DCU. 

4th Nov Surf n' Sail Committee 2021/22 Surf 'n Sail Club

Back row (left to right) : Mick, Kieran, Dáire, Chandler, Wojtek, Adam

The chicks on front (left to right) : Jess, Amy, Maeve, Cíara, Aoife, Sarah 

4th Nov Surf N' Sail EGM Surf 'n Sail Club

Welll kidddddss

Thanks so much for everyone who came to our EGM!!!

This was our first EGM on campus since the oul pancetta so we were delighted to see everyone again!

We heard some great stories to keep us going for another year and want to say a massive congrats to Adam Tighe on becoming our first year rep!! We must get his auntie to join the club... 

Keep you eyes peeled on our socials for news on our first surf trip since 2020, it's shore to be a great one ;P

That's all for now Surf n' Sailors, 

Stay safe ;)


1st Nov DCUPL Week 7 Powerlifting Club

DCUPL Week 7

WhatsApp groupchat

Hey everyone, after a request from a few members, we've set up a WhatsApp groupchat where all present members can join via this link this will make it easier for us to arrange things like St. Clare's training, for people to see who are attending the training, and general things like that. Things like big announcements regarding competitions and things like that will still be done on an email basis!

Last chance 2021

Speaking of announcements regarding competitions, last chance 2021 has been announced! It will be taking place the 18th of December in ABS Powerlifting in Finglas. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11am, the link for which can be found on the IrishPF Discussion Group on Facebook. If anyone is interested in competing, we would all highly recommend taking this chance to do so! You will need an IrishPF membership for 2021 in order to compete at it, so if you are without one and want to compete, make sure to purchase one first!

Even if you don't feel like competing, be sure to pop up to it. It's a great time to experience your first powerlifting comp as a spectator, and a few familiar faces(such as my own) will be competing at it too!

In the meanwhile, stay strong folks, and we'll see you in the WhatsApp!


26th Oct Circus Arts EGM Circus Arts

Ready to kickstart the society back into gear!

The agenda includes things like:

  • Committee elections! (PRO, Safety Officer, 1st Year Rep, Ordinary member)
  • Potential trips this year!
  • Getting a equipment order together and talking about what gear everyone wants!
  • Circus Arts Hoodies?!?!?
  • The logo getting a makeover! (MAYBE, if we have GDO)

Come along to the first (REAL) meeting of the year and we'll get thing started!

25th Oct DCUPL Week 6 Powerlifting Club

DCUPL Week 6

Junior & Master Nationals 2021 Recap

Hopefully a few people caught the livestream from the weekend or had seen some people's recap posts because WOW! What an incredible standard of lifting that was put on display. Overall, past and present DCUPL had FIVE podiums throughout the weekend! Here is a recap of everyone's totals:

Present DCUPL:

Rían McKeever: 582.5kg @ 72.4kg, earning him 3rd place in the 74kg class

Abdullah Al-Sehaim: 595 @ 80kg bodyweight in the 83kg class

Jonathan Butler: 565kg total at 80.4kg bodyweight, also in the 83kg class

Recent Graduate DCUPL:

Sean Blong: 666 total at 82.4kg, including a 246kg national junior record in the 83kg class, as well as a 3rd place podium spot.

Tom Lynch: 647.5kg total at 91.8kg bodyweight, earning him first place in the 93kg class.

Jordan Voss: 605 total at 102.8, earning him third place in the 105kg class.

Mark Stell: 780 at 109.6kg bodyweight, this got Mark a commanding first place in the 120kg class.

Congratulations to all those who lifted over the weekend, it was a fantastic time for all those involved!

Update for St. Clare's sessions

As our St. Clare's sessions were double booked with DCU weightlifting, they have been moved to Tuesdays from 2-4 now on, starting tomorrow. I understand this is short notice, and, for that, I do apologise. The form for this week can be found here(hopefully the last time we'll have to put a cap on the amount of attendees). Due to the short notice, I will operate the form completion on a first come, first served basis for the 12 attendees up until 10pm tonight, or when we reach 12, at which point I will email those who have been selected. Get filling out the form quick!

Anonymous question/request form

We have decided to implement an anonymous form where you can submit any questions or requests you have on the weekly emails for us to answer in a small "Q&A" section at the end of each email. The form can be found here

In the meanwhile, stay strong folks, and I'll see some of you guys tomorrow


22nd Oct Weekly Bridge Bridge Society

It's great to see everyone playing with cards after being online the past year. Feel free pop down for a game or two every Thursday from 3-5pm.

18th Oct DCUPL Week 5 Powerlifting Club

DCUPL Week 5

First of all, we would like to extend a special thank you to those who were at the St. Clare's session on Friday. A lot of people expressed interest in the session, and it's a shame we could only have a select few at it, but we are very grateful to those who attended! Hopefully we will all be able to attend them with no restrictions soon. To those who would like to attend this week's session, please fill out this form!

This year's EGM

Our EGM will take place this Wednesday, the 20th of October, in CG05 from 5-6! As the room has a max capacity of 55, we will be trying to do a mix of in-person and over Zoom for those who would prefer either. To register your interest for attending in person, please do so here. We will also be nominating our first year rep at the EGM so if that would interest you, please give it a think and create a little sales pitch!

The program for anyone without one

If you are part of DCUPL and do not have a program to run, we have decided to use  5/3/1 for beginners as the program. There is a recorded video on the "introduction" tab for how to run the program and use the spreadsheet, but if there are any questions you have that the video didn't answer, please email or message the Instagram, and we'll get an answer to you ASAP! If you feel like this version of 5/3/1 is also too easy, message us and we'll direct you towards a variation of it that might prove a better fit.

Junior & Master Nationals 2021

Junior and Master nationals 2021 is taking place this upcoming weekend, the 23rd and 24th, in Limerick! There are multiple current and recently graduated DCUPL members competing, so we thought to give everyone a heads-up to keep an eye out for them if you're watching the stream(which we will send out closer to the date)!

For our current members competing, we have:

Rían McKeever, who will be in Flight F, Sunday Morning from 10:30am-2pm.

Jonathan Butler, who will be in Flight E, Sunday morning from 10:30am-2pm

Abdullah Al-Sehaim, also Flight E, Sunday morning from 10:30am-2pm

For recent graduates, we have:

Jordan Voss, who is in Flight C, Saturday afternoon 2:30-6pm

Tom Lynch, competing in Flight D, Saturday afternoon 2:30-6pm

Sean Blong, Flight E, Sunday morning, 10:30am-2pm

Mark Stell, Flight A, Saturday morning 10:30am-2pm

Please wish the best of luck for the guys competing and jump onto the livestream to show some support when it's up!


That's it for another week of getting stronger with DCUPL, the next email will be coming Monday the 25th as opposed to next Sunday the 24th.


In the meanwhile, stay strong folks


18th Oct Volunteer bonding night! HeadstARTS Society

Join us on Tuesday for our volunteer bonding night!

Come along and meet your fellow volunteers, learn more about HeadstARTs & maybe even join our committee!

See you all @ 6pm in E303 St.Pats Campus! Please send us a message if you have any questions or need help finding the room!

13th Oct Russell & McElhinney win IUAA XC titles! Athletics Club

The Irish Universities Athletics Association (IUAA) held their Cross-Country Championships on Sunday 26th September at DCU St. Clare’s Sports Grounds. Anticipation was high in the build-up to the races, which saw a return of inter-varsity action after an eighteen-month absence.


For months in advance there was speculation as to whether or not the event would get the go ahead and following the cancellation of the Track and Field Championships that had been scheduled for August, athletes were probably right to feel somewhat pessimistic. Due to the easing of government guidelines and the strong support of DCU the event was allowed to go ahead with only a limited number of people allowed to attend.


The Women’s race had been scheduled to start at 1.45pm but was pushed back to 3pm due to the closure of the M7 which delayed a number of athletes who were travelling. The sweet sound of thers gun was music to the ears of athletes and stewards alike as the approximately 5k race eventually got underway.


From the off a small group of up to six athletes led the way, including DCU AC’s Christine Russell and Emma O’Brien, both of whom are in fine form at the moment. The group also contained Ciara O’Neill of UL and the Trinity duo of Eavan McLoughlin and Cliona Murphy.


As the race progressed Murphy and Russell began to pull away from the field, with O’Brien and others still running strongly behind them. It was with lap to go that Russell made her decisive move, injecting a burst of pace that Murphy could not deal with. Murphy’s race was ran at this stage and Russell began to move further clear from the field, her effortless running style making it look easy. Ciara O’Neill moved into 2nd on the last lap with an enthralling battle for bronze being fought out behind.


As she crossed the line Russell had a winning margin of over twenty seconds from O’Neill, with DCU’s Emma O’Brien just being pipped for bronze by Trinity’s Eavan McLoughlin. Trinity won the team title, followed by UL and DCU. The DCU team comprised of Russell, O’Brien, Ruth Kennedy, Aine Burke, Aisling McGuinness, Clare Barrett, Aoife O’Cuill and Avril Deegan.


The Men’s race followed soon after and it was clear from the get-go that there was only going to be one winner. Darragh McElhinney of UCD, National U20 5000m record holder and European U20 medallist showed his class and was never in any significant danger of losing the race. When crossing the line, his winning margin on the 8k course was in excess of one minute.


Keelan Kilrehill of DCU gave chase initially and was running strongly for much of the race. Unfortunately, with a lap to go Kilrehill ran out of gas and had to pull out, leaving Pierre Murchan and Thomas McStay of NUIG in a position to win silver and bronze respectively. Daniel Stone was DCU’s top finisher, crossing the line in 11th place. NUIG easily won the team title, with Matt Lockett having five athletes in the top ten. UL took silver, while DCU won bronze. The DCU was made up of Stone, Kilrehill, Jamie Battle, Ben Guiden, Patrick MacGabhann, Colin Smith, Euan Lagan, Eoghan Keaney, Neil Murphy and John Cleary.


It was a great honour for DCU Athletics Club to host the IUAA Cross Country Championships for the first time since 2004 and credit must be given to Head of Athletics at DCU, Paul Byrne for all his work organising a successful event. Attention now turns to the intervarsity Road Relay Championships which will take place next month in Maynooth.

13th Oct EGM and Comedy Session Neurodivergent Society

Book your spot for our EGM and Comedy Session happening on Friday (15th of October) from 3 pm to 5 pm in the Hive!

Run for the committee, have your say on the future of the society or simply have a laugh!

Our EGM will run from 3 pm, here Luke Conlon will present on the society, including our ethos, events plan for the year and some of our achievements to date. We will then nominate and elect our new committee for the 2021/22 academic year.

Next Ian Lynam will MC our comedy session by Neurodivergent comedians, Allie O'Rouke and MJ Stokes!

10th Oct Week 4 Update 10/10/21 Powerlifting Club

DCUPL Update Week 4

European Championship Nominations

The Irish nominations for the IPF European Championships, set to be held in Vasteras, Sweden between the 3rd and 12th December, have been issued, and the club is very excited to provide the following update!

First of all, our very own chairperson, Rían McKeever has been selected to represent Ireland! Rían will be competing in the u74kg Junior Men's category, where he is sure to be putting up some big lifts! Pictured left(Please see Email) is Rían pulling a mighty 257.5kg deadlift at just 72.8kg bodyweight! Big things to come, and that's for certain.

In addition to Rían, we have a recent DCU graduate Sean Blong. Sean was a long time DCUPL member, as well as having been one of our two captains for the 20/21 year! Sean will be competing in the u83kg Junior Men's category. In the picture on the right(Please see Email), we can see Sean deadlifting some big weight at his most recent competition!

Training sessions

Finally, what we have all been waiting for, the training sessions!

Team sessions will take place in St. Clare's, down on DCU Sports Campus on Ballymun Road. These sessions will take place on Friday's between 2pm to 4pm. Due to current COVID restrictions, we can only facilitate 2 pods of 6 members at these sessions, until the review on the 22nd October. If you plan on attending these sessions, please complete this form.  These sessions will be supervised by DCUPL founder and current DCUPL coach, Conor Campbell. In the case of more than 12 members expressing interest in this week's session, the members who have been selected to be put into the pods for this week's session will be contacted via email to inform them. These will be changed again for the following week to allow as much people to experience a session as possible prior to the review where hopefully we will all be able to attend shortly thereafter. 


In addition to the St. Clare's sessions, ABS Powerlifting in Finglas have informed us that they will be hosting Open student night sessions for the month of October. These sessions start at 6pm, and are open to all students from any college in Dublin. Details for how to get to ABS will be provided on Tuesday evening, along with a COVID contact tracing form.


 It is advised to all members that, when not actively lifting, masks are worn and social distancing is observed to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and we appreciate your understanding in the matter. 

Junior and Master nationals

As a final notice, the IrishPF's Junior and Master national championships will be happening in just 2 weekends time, on the 23rd and 24th of October! There are many DCUPL lifters, as well as recently graduated lifters, who will be competing at this competition, and so we will be providing the details of all those  who are competing next week, alongside their flight times, so you can keep a look-out for them if you are attending the competition in Limerick, or if you are watching the livestream online.

9th Oct House Point Tournament Harry Potter Society

Ravenclaw is now in the lead of the House Point Tournament at a total of 90 points after the Horcrux Hunt!

9th Oct Fun Fact Friday Harry Potter Society

Did you know Robin Williams was interested in the role of Hagrid? Do you think he would have done a better job?

8th Oct Welcome to DCUPL! Powerlifting Club

DCU Powerlifting


First and foremost, welcome to the club to all our new members and welcome back to anyone who has rejoined this year, it is great to see so many active members of the club! To start the year off, we want to introduce ourselves as your committee with some information about ourselves, so you can get to know us first, and, as the year goes on, we will all get to know you!

But wait, what about training?

At present, we are finalizing the arrangements for this year's team sessions, so do not worry, soon we will have some exciting news for everyone where we can all get involved and train as a club!

So, without further ado... The committee!

First up: Your chairperson!

Name: Rían McKeever

Course: Marketing, Innovation and Technology

What Rían had to say about being this year's chair: 

Hi all, welcome to DCU Powerlifting! I am honoured to be this year’s president/chairman/chairperson. This is my third year as a member of DCU Powerlifting and my second year on the committee. I ran for this position as being a member of the club has offered so much to me over the past few years. I would love to give back to the club by doing my part to get more DCU students into the sport of powerlifting. I aim to aid new members’ journey through the sport by offering them the best opportunities available to develop as an athlete. We have some huge goals for this year, and must make up for missed time due to the pandemic, so stay tuned for all the latest updates. This year will be a great one!

Next up: Vice chairperson

Name: Cormac Dagg

Course: PE and Maths Teaching

Why Cormac ran for vice-chair:

Hi everyone! As someone who feels like they can never be active enough to promote the sport of powerlifting, I ran for vice-chair this year in the hopes that, alongside the rest of our brilliant committee, we can grow this club and the sport further than what we have previously seen. I know everyone is keen to get into the training for the year, and I am excited to meet everyone! So, together, let's grow the sport as a club, and claim the title of Ireland's strongest university at Inter-varsities this year!

Third in the queue, we have our treasurer

Name: Thomas O'Dowd

Course: Law

What Thomas said about being treasurer:

My names Thomas O' Dowd everyone calls me TOD though! I am currently in my fourth year of Law here in DCU. I have been part of DCU Powerlifting for the last 4 years and have loved seeing the club grow each year. This year I am Treasurer as I would like to help be part of the financial side of the club!

Following TOD, we have our club secretary!

Name: Amy Dodrill

Course: Business

Why Amy ran for secretary this year:

Hi everyone, my name is Amy! I ran for club secretary this year to be a friendly and encouraging face for any girls looking to join the club, so that they have someone to look to on their committee!

Ensuing Amy, is our PRO

Name: Jack Harte

Course: Primary School Teaching

Why Jack ran for PRO this year:

I really want to help promote DCU powerlifting and the many benefits the club has to offer. Increasing the popularity of powerlifting in the college and getting people involved is one of my main goals in order to show people the wealth of benefits powerlifting has to offer. This will be done through promoting the club through Social Media as well as hosting many events such as training sessions where members will train together and help each other whilst getting to know each other. I look forward to an exciting and prosperous year ahead for DCU powerlifting and all involved, and am glad to be part of the team!

Sixth up, we have our sponsorships officer

Name: Jonathan Butler

Course: Athletic Therapy and Training

Jonathan's reasoning for joining the committee:

I am really passionate about powerlifting, and I wanted to be more involved in the powerlifting community. I also want to help to grow powerlifting in DCU, and to be a friendly face in the committee for all members. As sponsorship officer, I look forward to hopefully organizing some nice deals for the club. 

Coming in in seventh place, we have.. Equipment officer!

Name: Mark Swayne

Course: 2nd year PhD in material engineering

Why Mark joined the committee:

I joined the committee to help gain new members and stay in the powerlifting community

And last, but most certainly not least, our two club captains

Names: Andrew Roe & Conor Kiernan

Courses: Psychology and Enterprise Computing, respectively

Why Conor ran for club captain:

As a committee member of the past two years, I wanted to maintain a strong connection with DCU Powerlifting. However, due to studying abroad this year, I felt like captain was the best position for me. This way, I can support, advise and represent DCU Powerlifting remotely, and lead the club into our first victory at Inter-varsities on my return.

Why Andrew became club captain:

As a coach myself and as someone who has been powerlifting for years, I became club captain in the hopes of growing the sport inside DCU and helping people join DCUPL in order to get stronger!

For those who have read this far, thank you!

Now with committee introductions out of the way, we will hopefully be able to organize both the club's AGM and our first team sessions soon in order for everyone to know the faces to the names in person! In the meanwhile, keep an eye out on our Instagram to see what we all look like in the coming days before we all meet soon! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us or message the Instagram!

- Cormac

7th Oct Rooms for Week 4 Games Society

Rooms for events this week are as follows

Tabletop C166 6-8pm (Henry Grattan Building)

Consoles KA113 Cuilín 1:30-4pm (The U)

5th Oct Volunteer group chat HeadstARTS Society

Volunteer group chat 

Click the link below to join our volunteer group chat and stay up to date with all things HeadstARTs! 


Tickets on Sale for Live at the Lawn DJ Soc Takeover! 


4th Oct HeadstARTs EGM HeadstARTS Society

HeadstARTs EGM! 

Join us this Thursday at 6 pm in CG01 (Glasnevin campus, Henry Grattan, ground floor, room 1) for our EGM! Come along to meet other members, learn more about HeadstARTs and maybe even join our committee!

We have lots of committee positions up for grabs such as 1st-year rep, Art co-ordinator, Dance liaison officer, Drama co-ordinator, Events officer, Treasurer and Member coordinator!

1st Oct Fun Fact Friday Harry Potter Society

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry motto is Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus. What does that mean in English? The Hogwarts motto in English translates to Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon. That's pretty solid advice if you ask me!



Send in a 15 minute mix to have a chance to win an upcoming slot at one of our gigs!

The mix can be any genre and the competition to open to any and all skill levels!

Use this as a chance to showcase your skills, track selection and show you can get the dance-floor pumping!

Send your mixes to us via DM. 

The competition ends next Tuesday and winners will be announced soon after!

Get mixing ???


29th Sep Welcoming All to the Aviation Society! Aviation Society


A special greetings from all of the committee members to our new and old members! We hope you are as excited for the year ahead as we are. We have many plans for the year ahead. After a year essentially taken from us by Covid-19, we have a lot to make up for in the coming year. With plane spotting, guest talks, fun nights and trips inside and outside of Ireland on the hopeful agenda, we are going to be busy making up for the lost opportunities of the previous year.

To all of the new first years joining the society, you have come and joined us at a fantastic time. We are already planning our society's AGM and also many more activities for this packed first semester. We will be meeting you all very soon to present our official plans for the year, and what you can expect from us.

We hope you have all settled in to life on campus and that you are looking forward to the year ahead!


28th Sep Cumann Gaelach @ Clubs and Socs fair! An Cumann Gaelach

Hey a chairde!

We will be at the Clubs and Socs fair on both Glasnevin and St. Pat's campuses this year, be sure to keep an eye out for us when you're there. Since you've already signed up if you can see this, make sure to let us know and we will sort you out with a goodie bag!

27th Sep Results of tournament 23/09/21 Bridge Society
  We had our first meeting so far this year last Thursday. It was great to see so many people and in real life! Well done to the Emma Harlick and Finn O Maoilearca who took first spot by a healthy margin and it is fantastic to see our newest pair, Ishka and Adam do so well coming in 2nd! Well done everyone!
24th Sep Fun Fact Friday Harry Potter Society

Fun Fact! Did you know that there is a portrait hung near the second floor landing in the Grand Staircase in Hogwarts that resembles the second wife of King Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn was often accused of being a witch by Henry so the directors of the first Harry Potter movie decided to include this Easter Egg. It is assumed that Anne was a Squib, meaning she had no magic powers but had magical parents.

24th Sep House Point Tournament Harry Potter Society

Ravenclaw is in the lead of the House Point Tournament after winning the Quiz Night yesterday! They now have 50 points!

24th Sep Team Selections for IUAA XC This SUNDAY Athletics Club

The following are the teams selected to represent DCU at the IUAA XC Championship this Sunday in the DCU Sports Grounds. 

Men's Team

Jamie Battle

Keelan Kilrehill

Andrew McKenna

Euan Lagan 

Colin Smith

Neil Murphy

Luke Murphy

Ben Guiden 

Patrick MacGabhann

John Cleary 

Daniel Stone

Ryan Sheridan

Eoghan Keaney

Emile Esim-Enoh

Men's Team Captain: Jamie Battle

Women's Team

Aoife O'Cuill

Susan Glennon

Lauren Tinkler (OYD)

Christine Russell

Clare Barrett

Emma O'Brien

Avril Deegan 

Ruth Kennedy 

Áine Burke 

Aisling McGuinness 

Women's Team Captain; Grace Casey 


Women's Race - 5,000m @1:45pm 

Men's Race - 8,000m @ 4pm

REMINDER - No spectators allowed at this event. 

23rd Sep Welcome Night/ Information Investment Society

Join us on the 11th of October at 5pm for a welcome night! We are looking forward to meeting you all. Please book your space by using the event function to reserve a seat! 

22nd Sep Student Managed Fund Investment Society

SMF Signups has begun! 

 Fancy yourself as a trader? Prove yourself as apart of the Goodbody student managed fund competition ! Students from universities around the country will go head to head and attempt to put strategise each other to claim the title of best university. 

 We are currently accepting applications for Equity Analysts and Fund Managers. Equity analysts will be required to compile stock reports and analysis on equities to take positions in. Analysts will be given on the job training and also take part in a number of equity research workshops! 

 Fund managers will be required to analyse the investment strategies of analysts and decide on which equities to take positions in and what overall strategy they will apply. Fund managers generally have more experience than analysts but applicants of all abilities are encouraged to apply. 

 To apply simply mail a short piece on yourself and why you’d like the role. Feel free to include what areas of the market you are interested in ! send all applications to INVESTMENTSOCDCU@GMAIL.COM

22nd Sep Amplify Trading Simulation Investment Society


Amplify Trading works with world leading financial institutions to train their analysts and graduates and they offer simulations for students who want to get noticed and successfully secure a work experience with these banks.

They are offering a free online Finance Accelerator event for the members of this society, where they will experiment the role of a trader in an investment bank or the role of a portfolio manager in an asset management firm. The purpose is to help students identify what role suits them better and get solid experience they can share on LinkedIn and improve their CVs. The free simulation: 3 hours long (it will include some learning materials and the actual simulation).

More news to come, with times and dates TBD & more information on the simulation. Spread the word & to be a participant you must be a member of one of the joint societies with Amplify Trading :-)

16th Sep IUAA Intervarsity Cross Country @ DCU Athletics Club

DCU Athletics Club in conjunction with the Irish University Athletics Association will host the Intervarsity Cross Country Championships in DCU Sports Grounds (St. Claire's) on Sunday 26th Sept.

This is the first intervarsity athletics competition to take place since March 2020 and DCU is delighted to be hosting the event. We are looking to enter the maximum number of athletes in both the men's and women's race so if you're interested in running, please fill out the following form. This will close on Wednesday 22nd of Sept @ 5pm. 

PLEASE NOTE: As this is the postponed 2021 championships, athletes who were in DCU last year are eligible to compete. Incoming 1st year athletes are not allowed to compete. 

Women's Race - 5,000m @ 2pm 

Men's Race - 8,000m @ 2:35pm 

With restrictions easing from the 20th of September on outdoor sporting events we're delighted to have spectators allowed to attend. If you're not competing on the day we strongly encourage all DCU athletes to come down and support/cheer on our teams on home ground! 

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