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About Collar & Elbow Wrestling Society

 Have you ever thought, “Jeez, I would sure like to wrestle my mates”? Have you ever been overcome by the burning national pride of your ancestors? Then Collar and Elbow wrestling is just for you! Collar and Elbow was THE most popular Irish sport throughout the 19th century. Captivating every Irish person, this tradition was practised by the young and the old. George Washington was a champion by the age of 18 and continued to practice during his commanding of the Continental Armies. I’m not saying Collar and Elbow made him a badass but … you decide.

However, this tradition was not resurrected by the GAA when our heritage was being reclaimed in 1884. Thus this sport, once holding firm as the most popular form of entertainment across the country, has remained unpracticed UNTIL 2019 when Ruadhán MacFadden hosted the first competition in over 100 years in Germany. Thanks to him and other individuals dedicated to the preservation of ancient forms of grappling, we now have the opportunity to revive more of our Irish heritage. All you need to do is sign up on the DCU Clubs and Socs website to help kick off the DCU Collar & Elbow Society and resurrect this historical Irish sport :D


What is Collar and Elbow?

Collar and Elbow is an ancient Irish sport that revolves around taking fixed grips, throwing, and holding down your opponent on the ground. It was extremely popular during the 17th-18th centuries and, thanks to the great work of historical grappling enthusiasts, we now have the chance to bring the sport back to Ireland!

Who is Collar and Elbow for?

Literally everyone. We do not tolerate discrimination. Please reach out if you feel as if you may not be welcome for any reason. We know physical sports can feel exclusive to certain people but we will always strive to include anyone who wishes to take part.

Why should I join?

Not only will you stay fit and help revive this old style of wrestling but you will also find an inclusive, welcoming group of people who are passionate about Irish history and culture.

How much does it cost?

It’s only €2 to join!

But what if I don't have any interest in Irish heritage?

DOESN’T MATTER! You’ll get a great workout in a fun and friendly environment full of great people. But I'm already good at grappling! Why hello there ;) People with experience in things like Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, Wrestling or any grappling sports will be invaluable in developing this ancient sport!

Current Committee 2
Chairperson Mark Mulvey
Secretary Leon Flanagan

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