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Welcome Back to Semester 2 Brickies!!!

Posted 20th Jan 2021
Author Grace Angulu (Public Relations Officer)

Welcome back guys to semester 2! How was your Christmas? Hope you had a great holiday and the exams went in your favour!! Redbrick is back full swing, and we hope you're ready for a brilliant semester full of cool new events every week! 

Our Friday Games Night is also back now, so make sure to come on down for that! Keep watching our events section for updates!

Have a great week!


Games Night!

Posted 16th Oct 2020
Author Grace Angulu (Public Relations Officer)

Hello lovely people! We've decided to continue with our casual games night on Fridays after a great games night last week. We'll be getting some group games going but all are welcome to join, feel free to pop in to one of the voice channels even if you're playing something solo or would just like to chat 6:30pm seemed to be a good start time last week so it'll likely kick off around then and go on late enough into the night. I think that's everything, see ye all tonight!

Link to the Discord:

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