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About Tea Society

Tea Society is a place for anyone to come and have a cup of tea and a biscuit in a welcoming environment!

With our weekly events and a variety of themes, there's something for everyone at Tea Society. Our members have enjoyed music, films and games, not to mention our themed events, such as card making at Christmas and pancakes on Pancake Tuesday, all with a cup of tea in hand!

So, whether you're taking a break between classes, or just have some time to spare, why not come by for a cuppa' and a friendly chat! 

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Ronan Burke(He/Him)
Secretary Molly Gaffney
Treasurer (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer Ryan Mc Quillan
Brand Design Officer Grace Angulu
First Year Rep David Jackson
Ordinary Committee Member (name hidden)
Ordinary Committee Member Evelina

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