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Self Development Society

Self Development, Personal Growth, Motivation

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About Self Development Society

The Self Development Society is for students who want to become the person they've always wanted to become and achieve the goals they've always wanted to set. 

Here is where the magic of personal growth happens. This society is a supportive community to get out of our comfort zones and take action in changes. Here we learn about goal setting, getting into good habits, success, breaking old bad habits, values, building confidence, motivation, mind set, wellness, embracing the blessings of life and over all pushing to be our best selves. Its a great way to meet people with similar goals as yourself.

Be inspired. Inspire others. Inspire yourself. 

Current Committee 4
Chairperson Meabh
Secretary Sarahann Mooney
Public Relations Officer Aoife Mary Bourke
Ordinary Committee Member Matt

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