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DCU's Poetry society is concerned with fostering the practice of poetry in all its forms. However, you don't need to be a poet to be a member. If you have always admired poetry from a distance but haven't known where to start reading, we can introduce to a number of poets! If you are a poet enthusiast and want to meet others with the same interest as you then we are also happy to help!

We host writing workshops where members can work on a specific form, style, or theme together. We host regular open mic nights where members can showcase their work or simply read a poem they enjoy. We sometimes host film nights where we see how poetry is portrayed on screen. We support our members writing by posting their work on our social media pages. We also have themed nights - for example on Valentine's day we read and contemplate love poetry together, or for Halloween we would consider the sub-genre of horror poetry. 

Feel free to email us at dcupoetrysociety@gmail.com, or message us on Instagram if you have any questions!

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