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About Origami Society

Welcome to DCU Origami! 

It will prove to become DCU's most traditional paper folding society. Through the medium of social media, we were soon approved and ready to get origami!

We will Cover:

1. Tutorials - Every week  

2. Competitions

3. Night-out Events

It covers everything from history to complex models, so you don't need to know anything about origami.

Suppose you are unsure of joining or need more information. Then you can contact us through Instagram - @dcu_origami or email us origami@dcusocs.ie.

We also aim to make this company a "home away from home" with plenty of bonding opportunities and the possibility of forming lasting friendships. 

Current Committee 3
Chairperson Shahryar Waheed
Secretary Kellie
First Year Rep Alicia

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