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Winner 2020/2021 (Adam Daly)

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About New Opportunities Society

Hey there! Thanks for taking an interest in our society! Established just this year, the New Opportunities society is all about trying things you've never done before in a fun and safe environment.

This is a society that aims to have something for everyone over the year, be it an old hobby revisited with new friends or a brand new hobby you never would have thought to try. Whether it's acting or actuarial studies, we can do it all, so come join us!

Right now the society is just getting its foot off of the ground and we'll need the help of every member to get to the society our four founders envisioned!

It's new, and it's risky, but hey, isn't that the best part?

Current Committee 7
Chairperson adam daly
Secretary Caelan Doyle O'Neill
Safety Officer/Covid officer Emmet Bellew
Public Relations Officer Cian Murray-Doyle
Equipment/Snack officer Ellen Crehan
Events Officer Ciara Hennessy
Vice Chairperson Tudor Safta

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