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About Powerlifting Club
We are the powerlifting club in DCU. We are focused on getting strong as a team and enjoying ourselves while we do it. We train together regularly as a team and compete once a year at the Irish Powerlifting Federation's Inter-varsities competition. Our highest position finish is second place and we are going to be working really hard this year to finally lift the trophy and beat UCC. Joining this club is a great opportunity for those interested in strength sports or those who just want to be a part of a team. We look forward to seeing you at team training!
Powerlifting Club COVID-19 Coordinators
Cormac Dagg (Sponsorship Officer)
Thomas O Dowd (Equipment Officer)
Current Committee 7
Chairperson Conor Kiernan
Secretary Joachim
Treasurer Tom Lynch
Public Relations Officer RĂ­an McKeever
Equipment Officer Thomas O Dowd
Sponsorship Officer Cormac Dagg
Vice Chairperson Conor Campbell

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