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About Aikido Club

We are dedicated to promoting the beautiful Japanese Martial Art of Aikido.

Aikido is a non-violent martial art which is nonetheless vigorous and physical in practise.

It has a philosophy of non-aggression and strives for an ideal of martial effectiveness while keeping your training partner safe.

The training includes methods of receiving the techniques in a way which keeps you safe, including rolling forwards and backwards.

It provides a good aerobic workout along with developing flexibility, balance and the core.

Aikido techniques are also fascinating and provide a great insight into how the body works.

We teach the traditional Aikikai style Aikido which is associated with the lineage from the founder Morihei Ueshiba also known as O-Sensei (Great Teacher).

Beginners are always welcome throughout the year, just come along to a class and join in.

Our classes are on Tuesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 12:30pm in the handball court of DCU Sports Complex

Aikido Club COVID-19 Coordinator
Michael O'Donovan (Chairperson)
Current Committee 2
Chairperson Michael O'Donovan
Treasurer Burcu Gunes

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