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About Burrito Society

Burrito Society is a very warm and friendly community where everyone is welcome! Our main mission is to bring people together over a shared love for the Mexican cuisine.

Our society was conceptualised over a collective love for burritos by first year engineering students. The students came together in late 2020 to set up the ideas and plan behind Burrito Society and it was officially set up in early 2021.

Unfortunately, our first year as a society will be conducted over Zoom and through our social media. However, we hope that you will get involved and come join our society!

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Daniel Kelly
Secretary Kirsten Lee
Treasurer Sol Lee
Covid Officer Esam Azad
Public Relations Officer Cian Foy
Events Officer Helen
First Year Rep Fionn Gijsemans
Vice Chairperson Evan Christopher Rooney

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