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Breaking Borders Society

DCU's multicultural society!

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About Breaking Borders Society

We hold small events whereby we participate in activities that help us interact with others, so that you're learning about various cultures without even realising it, I.e. quizzes, speed dating activities and much more.

Making lifelong friends is really important to us here. When we're not learning, we're simply chilling out, enjoying each others company through movie nights, Extreme Game Nights (very, very, extreemeee), society "catch up" events or society dinners, where we just chill, laugh and chat for a bit.

Some of our biggest events were our discussion panels where topics are selected and opinions are shared in a non-judgemental environment or our "safe space", as we like to call it. We also do a lot of awareness raising on a range of issues relating to our society, which you can get involved with too if you like.

We get things done, but this is generally a very relaxed, banter whilst learning type society. So, I'd recommend if you're very busy but still want to make friends.

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